M@RS - Media Archive Retrieval System

M@RS - Media Archive Retrieval System

  • Knowledge is the key to success. Unlock yours with M@RS.

  • In 2006 mediamid released its upgraded and highly anticipated MAM innovation M@RS. We would like to give you an overview of the new features and benefits.

    The flexible and web-based M@RS enables you to efficiently manage your pictures, presentations, documents and videos and reuse them. All users can access the centrally stored information via web browser regardless of time and place. This turns your media objects into valuable assets, which can be reused quickly and targeted whenever needed, in the required format for print, web and presentations.

    M@RS organizes the transfer of media objects, so called media assets and supports the working processes of various users, such as marketing and PR departments, agencies, archives or publishers. You can optimize the availability of digital information and thereby grant the efficient usage of already created and stored media assets.

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