• Further definitions of MAM and similar systems

  • Media Asset Management or also Digital Asset Management are often compared to a variety of other systems.

    Definitions of media assets and MAM

    With MAM (Media Asset Management) and DAM (Digital Asset Management) a new group of acronyms emerges. In the financial world, Asset Management is defined as the management of property values. Media Asset Management presents, administers and provides these property values (media information objects) for optimal use. (Source:

    Clarification of terms and boundaries from MAM to CM, DM and KM systems

    Media Asset Management differs from Content Management (CM) and Document Management (DM) in the way the content is administered. MAM allows the structured management of Rich Media assets such as graphic, picture, audio and video components. In a MAM system the database is provided in a media-neutral way, which enables limitless multi-channeled distribution of media.