• What does Media Asset Management mean?

  • Media Asset Management (MAM) systems arose from a requirement to structure media intelligently, to administer and actualize it quickly, and to make it available to a certain audience. This media, also known as assets, can consist of various types of data. MAM systems aim on providing media assets media-independently for all kinds of use and purposes (in an ideal size and quality).

    The existence of a graphic or video file within an company does not guarantee that it is genuinely available and usable. You can only profit from the plentitude and quality of your media if its accesible in an optimum way.

    The core functions of a Media Asset Management system (MAM) are:
    • the administration (central/decentralized)
    • the media-independent archiving
    • the standardized capturing
    • the distribution

    of various media.

    The difference between a Content Management System and a Media Asset Management system is that on top of the management of web content,  a MAM system also supports „Rich Media“ data stock media-independently for all channels of distribution and media. In particular, it supports the creation and automated production of print media.

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