Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Questions and answers about the topic of Media Asset Management

  • Who needs a MAM system?

    Every company working with a big amount of unstructured and centrally stored data objects, such as folders, presentations, image and video data and many more.

    Which problems does a MAM system solve?

    Media objects, so called Media Assets, are stored centrally and media-independently. Therefore they can be retrieved fast for various ranges of use.
    Automatic conversions of format support the work process. The requested media is provided in an optimal format. With the help of intelligent user priviliges, the access to all media can be defined easily and allocated as required.

    What is the use of a MAM system?

    Click here to find out more about the use of a Media Asset Management system.

    Does M@RS 6 exist as a single-user version?

    M@RS 6 is an all web based MAM system designed for a big amount of data. As a "starter version" we offer the standard version of M@RS 6 for 5 users.

    Which browsers support M@RS 6  MediaPortal?

    All established browers can be used, for example Microsoft Internet Explorer as of version 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari. Please ensure that Cookies and Javascript are enabled in your browser settings.

    Which browsers support M@RS 6 MediaManager?

    The MediaManager supports quick and efficient working, for example Drag'and'Drop.

    Which operating systems apply?

    M@RS 6 is a browser application and therefore independent from all operating systems. It runs on PC, Mac and Linux.

    Which languages are provided?

    Currently the MediaManager is available in German and English. The system can be translated into every preferred language, data content can be maintained in any language.

    How many users can work with the system simultaneously?

    The performance of the system only depends on the performance of the server and network. M@RS 6 is scalable (cluster compatible) without upper limits.

    Which storage media can be administered by the MediaServer?

    The MediaServer is a server process that is able to interact with all available storage media, that is accessible via the file system.

    What is the limited amount of terms within the keywording?

    Every single media object can be attributed with an unlimited ammount of keywords.